French Architectural Miniatures

C'est Minifique!

Suze, an ardent Francophile, has created her perfect imaginary world over the past decade through designing and constructing miniature French buildings.

Growing up Suze was unaware of the world of miniatures; as an adult she realized she could bring old, picturesque and quaint French buildings to life on a small scale. More than thirty miniature buildings later, she is in danger of being crowded out of her home! But she loves living in the idyllic French setting she's always dreamed of.

The "Rue de Suze" is her online French village, along a cobblestone street. We invite you for a stroll!


Suze with Le Chateau Bidaine. Please enjoy detailed views of the miniature buildings through the drop down menus on the top navigation bar, or stroll the Rue de Suze to immerse yourself in the world of Suze's imagination.