Honeymoon in Paris

with Ranger and Kowgirl

A Coloring Storybook
about two dogs in love

Available on Amazon and Etsy.

Honeymoon in Paris is a unique coloring book and storybook all in one. Join Ranger and Kowgirl, two Australian Cattle Dogs, as they travel across Paris together. Come with them on their many adventures--some planned, some accidental and some an absolute surprise.

The detailed outline illustrations in this book were created in a special way. Each image began with an actual miniature building, beautifully hand-painted with ornate doors and windows, miniature furniture, rugs, paintings and light fixtures—all brought to life by the artist Suze Perry-Hinkle. Suze arranged miniature dogs and people in and around her buildings to illustrate Ranger and Kowgirl's story. These scenes were then photographed and the photos turned into black-and-white images for coloring. A page of text accompanies each image so you can read the story and color it.