Follymops and
the French Chateau

The Coloring book

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Follymops is a Cavalier King Charles spaniel who lives at the real Chateau Bidaine. Mini-Follymops, who tells her story in this book, lives in the dollhouse miniature that Suze has meticulously crafted. Storybook captions show Follymops and her friends around the estate, telling a little bit of the story of the actual owners as well as indulging mini-Follymops' imagination.

There are two editions of this book. Volume 1 is a black and white edition with 39 sketches-to-color. Volume 2, the "Collectors' color edition", is printed on upgraded paper stock with full color illustrations displayed alongside the 27 sketches-to-color.

Not just simple line drawings, these sketches-to-color are made from detailed photographs of the miniature building, and retain some of the original shading and textures. The result is an enchanting coloring experience for older children and adults alike. We recommend this book for ages 8 and up, but we have found detail-oriented 6 and 7-year-olds enjoying this book when they thought no one was looking.